Christ Church Grammar School 1 Copy

Inspiring the Extraordinary in Educational Environments

Colored stainless steel tiles create excitement on campuses across the globe

The Christ Church Grammar School in Perth, Western Australia is one of the most prestigious schools in Australia that caters to all learning abilities. Partnering with Millennium Forms, they recently added brilliant colors to inspire the children in their multi-campus learning environment.

Pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students are now welcomed by Brilliant Peacock colored stainless steel, giving students, faculty and guests a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm as they make their way through campus.

Millennium Forms Large Cupped Tiles were installed vertically to create an inspirational and imaginative emotion for the viewers, and is sure to change your perspective of a traditional school environment.

Location: Claremont, VA in Australia.
Architect: With_Architecture Studio Pty Ltd
Photographer: Ed Janes


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