ZALMAG® is a steel based product with a unique coating consisting of Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium.

ZALMAG® is a highly Corrosion - Resistant hot dip coated steel that has a coating layer of Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium. The coating is applied using traditional galvanizing methods. ZALMAG® has superior scratch resistance, incredible corrosion resistance, an attractive finish and a reduced material cost. A good solution for all environments, ZALMAG® has the unique self-healing characteristic of protecting its exposed edges making it the perfect material for perforating. ZALMAG® weathers from an engaging silver color to an attractive bluish gray tone.

Do you want the patina'd look without the wait? We have the solution for you... ZALMAG® Pre-Patina II and Black!

Available finishes:

Natural ZALMAG®
Natural ZALMAG
Pre-Patina II ZALMAG®Zalmag Pre-Patina II

Zalmag Black

The Ultimate in Corrosion Resistance

The Zalmag® coating is a blend of zinc, aluminum and magnesium. The small quantities of magnesium (3%) and aluminum (6%) combine to form a protective barrier on the surface of the coating over time. The fine, strongly attached barrier creates a two-layer structure on the surface of the steel, suppressing corrosion resistance of the product. With a corrosion resistance at least 3 times that of zinc galvanized steel for the same coating mass, Zalmag® products can be used in environments subject to extremely corrosive conditions.


Self-Healing Characteristics

Excellent corrosion resistance is achieved on cut end parts by the sacrificial anti-corrosive effect of the coating. Initially, cut edges may display signs of red rust, but this will change color over time as the protective mechanism converts the red rust to a grey-black, highly corrosion resistant coating. The color tone and the speed at which the tone changes vary depending on the exposure environment (region, installation location, orientation, etc.) A slit coil shows the results of self-healing within just two weeks.



Pinnacle Bank Arena - Home of the Nebraska Huskers


Zalmag, Flat-Lock Panels, Natural finish

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Zalmag, Large Cupped Tile, Natural Finish

VIBE Credit Union - Southfield, MIVibe Credit UnionVibe Credit Union - Southfield, MI

Zalmag, Flat-Lock Panel, Pre-Patina II finish

ZALMAG-Flat-Lock-3.jpg#asset:1164:urlZalmag, Flat-Lock Panels, Natural finish

Texas-Side-major.jpg#asset:1165:urlZalmag, Flat-Lock Panels, Natural finish

Ames-w.logo-5.jpg#asset:1166:urlZalmag, Standing Seam, Natural finish