TiNi Stainless Steel


Anodized Aluminum

TiNi Stainless Steel

Titanium Nitride (TiNi) is a bright ceramic coating applied to stainless steel by physical vapor deposition (PVD).

TiNi colors are achieved by vapor deposition. Various nitrides are plasmatised to fuse with stainless steel. Surfaces are extremely hard and are traditionally used as wear surfaces, most commonly seen on gold drill bits. The color will remain constant over time and will create a more uniform appearance than light interference color(LIC). TiNi is offered in Imperial Gold with a mirror or hairline finish. Also available in Permanent Copper with a hairline finish, for a copper look that will never patina like traditional copper.


Imperial Gold, Permanent Copper


Anodized Aluminum offers a wide range of color and finish options with minimal variation

Anodizing Aluminum is an electrochemical process that converts the aluminum base metal into an a more durable anodic oxide finish. Anodizing is accomplished through a similar process to LIC stainless steel using acids and electricity. This process allows a wide range of colors all while maintaining a metallic finish on the metal. Anodized Aluminum can be a great cost-saving alternative to LIC while still being able to use a colored metal wall panel



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