Here are our most frequently asked questions. If you have specific questions, don’t hesistate to contact us.

What is the cost of your products?

We offer a variety of products and options to help meet your budget. Contact us for pricing at info@millenniumforms.com

How long will the color last? How is the color achieved?

  • LIC Stainless: The color is created through light interference. No pigment is added so neither U.V. nor time will affect the color. We warrant the material for 25 years provided our maintenance requirements are strictly followed.
  • TiNi Stainless: Color is achieved by vapor deposition: various nitrides are plasmatised to fuse to the stainless. Interior and exterior installations of our product have shown no change in color. We warrant the material for 25 years provided our maintenance requirements are strictly followed.
  • ZALMAG®: The finish weathers from an engaging silver color to an attractive bluish gray tone. We warrant the ZALMAG® material for 25 years provided our maintenance requirements are strictly followed.

What colors do you offer?

  • LIC Stainless Steel: Natural, Pewter, Bronze, Blue, Slate, Bronze Gold, Burgundy, Purple/Blue, Peacock, Blue/Green, Charcoal (#4 polish)
  • TiNi Stainless Steel: Imperial Gold & Permanent Copper
  • ZALMAG®: Natural, Pre-Patina II, Black

How do you justify the color range in your LIC products?

Due to the nature of the LIC process and raw materials, our products will always have natural variation in color. We use an LAB-measuring device to quantify the colors of our products. We offer a range in color based on repeatable tolerances within each color.

Why do you say ZALMAG is “The Solution to Zinc”?

At a fraction of the price of Zinc, ZALMAG® is easier to install and will patina to a soft gray over time just like Zinc.

ZALMAG® can also be installed in cold temperatures without becoming brittle like Zinc would. The addition of Aluminum and Magnesium allows you to install the material directly to you substrate. There is no need for a rain screen system to allow air and water behind the panels like traditional zinc products require.

We also offer a ZALMAG® finish that will immediately give you the look of Zinc: Pre-Patina II and Black.

Can I mix stainless and Zalmag?

No, mixing stainless steel and ZALMAG® can cause galvanic corrosion and rust.

What are the approximate dimensions of your products?


Millennium Flat & Cupped Tiles:
Nominal: 15” x 9-5/8”
Exposed: 14-½” x 8-5/16” +/- 1/16”

Nominal: TBD
Exposed: TBD

TS Tile:
Nominal: 7-3/4” by 17-1/4”
Exposed: 7-1/4” by 16-1/4” +/- 1/16”

What is the Gauge of the steel?

  • STAMPED TILES: 26 gauge Stainless Steel or ZALMAG®
  • SHEETS & COIL: 16, 18, 20, 22, or 24 gauge (longer lead times for thicker gauges; coil is only available in ZALMAG®)

What is the minimum slope required for a roof application?

3:12 roof slope

How are the tiles affixed to a wall?

With self taping screws over a minimum of ½” plywood. An alternative option is to use a horizontally oriented substrate system. Add perforations or slots to the horizontal and you’ve got a rainscreen.

What sort of flashing do I need for installation?

We offer standard flashing components such as J-Channel, Outside & Inside Corner, False Starter, Starter Gable, Valley, End & Side Wall. We also offer custom flashing. If you can draw it on a napkin, we can make it!

Can you recommend an installer in my area?

Yes, please email us at info@millenniumforms.com or give a ring at 262-723-7778

What are the cleaning instructions?

Where can I get pricing?

Please contact us by phone at 262-723-7778, email at info@millenniumforms.com or fill out our Project Application Form (we really do look at all the details!). We have representation throughout the world.

Is there a price difference between the “Cupped” and “Flat” tiles?

No, there is no price difference. The “Cupped” tile is an indentation in the tile that adds texture, quiets rain and allows for walking upon. Tiles are available as “Flat” if desired.

Where can I buy your products?

Please contact us directly.

Leads times?

Lead time will depend on the project size and material requirements. We produce on a first come, first served basis.

What about freight?

We have good relationships with several national carriers. You are always welcome to make your own arrangements.

Can I get samples?

Yes. Please call us at 262-723-7778, email, or fill out our contact form.