ZALMAG® is a steel based product with a unique coating consisting of Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium.

ZALMAG® is a highly Corrosion - Resistant hot dip coated steel that has a coating layer of Zinc, Aluminum and Magnesium. The coating is applied using traditional galvanizing methods. ZALMAG® has superior scratch resistance, incredible corrosion resistance, an attractive finish and a reduced material cost. A good solution for all environments, ZALMAG® has the unique self-healing characteristic of protecting its exposed edges making it the perfect material for perforating.

ZALMAG® has an ever-changing patina, which you will see weather from an engaging silver color to an attractive bluish gray tone.

Do you want the patina'd look without the wait? We have the solution for you... ZALMAG® Pre-Patina II and Black!


Natural ZALMAG®Natural ZALMAG

Pre-Patina II ZALMAG®Zalmag Pre-Patina II



The Ultimate in Corrosion Resistance

The Zalmag® coating is a blend of zinc, aluminum and magnesium. The small quantities of magnesium (3%) and aluminum (6%) combine to form a protective barrier on the surface of the coating over time. The fine, strongly attached barrier creates a two-layer structure on the surface of the steel, suppressing corrosion resistance of the product. With a corrosion resistance at least 3 times that of zinc galvanized steel for the same coating mass, Zalmag® products can be used in environments subject to extremely corrosive conditions.

ZAM-brochure-diagram.jpg#asset:1319:urlSelf-Healing Characteristics

Excellent corrosion resistance is achieved on cut end parts by the sacrificial anti-corrosive effect of the coating. Initially, cut edges may display signs of red rust, but this will change color over time as the protective mechanism converts the red rust to a grey-black, highly corrosion resistant coating. The color tone and the speed at which the tone changes vary depending on the exposure environment (region, installation location, orientation, etc.) A slit coil shows the results of self-healing within just two weeks.



Pinnacle Bank Arena - Home of the Nebraska HuskersPinnacle-Bank-6.jpg#asset:1163:url

Zalmag, Flat-Lock Panels, Natural finish

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Zalmag, Large Cupped Tile, Natural Finish

VIBE Credit Union - Southfield, MIVibe Credit UnionZalmag, Flat-Lock Panel, Pre-Patina II finish

ZALMAG-Flat-Lock-3.jpg#asset:1164:urlZalmag, Flat-Lock Panels, Natural finish

Texas-Side-major.jpg#asset:1165:urlZalmag, Flat-Lock Panels, Natural finish

Ames-w.logo-5.jpg#asset:1166:urlZalmag, Standing Seam, Natural finish