Installation Videos


Learn how to install Millennium Forms products with "Stainless" Steve. You can also view our installation videos on our YouTube page.

If you still have questions on installation and working with our products, please call us at 262-723-7778 or email us at

Introduction to Millennium Forms 02:21

Introduction to Wall Installation 01:05

Residential V. Commercial construction 05:16

Starter Strip Installation 04:21

How to cut tiles / Tools needed for installation 04:52

Stamped Tile Installation 4:43

Diamond Tile Installation 0:55

Replacing a Damaged Tile 01:48

Window Flashing & Jam Conditions 06:19

Outside & Inside Corner Conditions 04:56

Side Wall Installation 0:32

Roof Jack Installation 01:30

Snow Guard Installation 02:05

Valley Installation 06:50

Pitch Changes 00:40

Pipe Flashing Installation 02:14

Thank you! 01:20