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Exciting Exteriors: Engineering the “Impossible”

New projects with boundless ingenuity and inspiring panel applications

Talented architects and designers from all around the world bring their concepts to Millennium Forms, and nothing makes us happier than making their dream a reality. Case in point are two recent examples that involved achieving an unprecedented aesthetic with completely new panel system ideas.  

Ahead of the curve.

The Eric Baker Nord Performing Arts Annex at Oberlin College is a vision to behold. Designed by the DLR Group of Cleveland, OH, this versatile performance space features a sleek and unique front entrance clad in TiNi Permanent Copper Stainless Steel. Utilizing our Lay-Flat panel system we added an interesting twist – panels were installed on a curved wall and on an angle, creating a new dimension and a stunning welcome for theater guests.  


See things from a new angle.

Meant to reflect its beautiful surroundings, our stainless steel Flush Reveal Panel System adorns Colorado’s Sterling Ranch Civic Center, designed by Eppstein Uhen Architects. Featuring one-piece mitered corners applied at a 15 degree angle, our engineering team was able to achieve consistent panel spacing throughout with striking results.  

If you can dream it....

With a skilled in-house engineer and dedicated fabrication team, we are proud to help projects like these come to life; spaces that invite the public, materials that inspire new ways of seeing. Are you envisioning a new way to use Millennium Forms product? Give us a call at 262-723-7778 and we’ll help make it happen.  

Oberlin College Performing Arts Center

Architect:  DLR Group

Sterling Ranch Civic Center

Architect:  Eppstein Uhen

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