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LIC Stainless Steel adds a durable and colorful façade to the LSF Brookfield Library

LSF Brookfield Library – Brookfield, IL

The new Linda Sokol Francis Brookfield Library is a great addition to the thriving community of Chicago.  This new facility is state of the art and filled with amenities including a 100-person meeting room, youth service area, study rooms, media labs, maker space, and much more. This building was designed for all ages and encourages learning, growth, and a place for the community to gather and collaborate.

The architects at Product Architecture + Design did a stunning job bringing the community’s vision to reality. The library wanted an exterior material for the building that had minimal maintenance and similar durability to masonry or stone. Along with the durability, they wanted the ability to clad the entire façade in one material without it being monolithic.

“We chose Millennium Forms tiles for these qualities and more so the texture, variation of tones, and the warmth across the overall elevation,” said Dan Pohrte, of Product Design + Architecture. “The community loves the way the building and tiles reflect the color of the sky, shifting the building from a cool blue at dawn to warm orange and pinks at sunsets.”

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The micro park across the street on the site of the old library will be used by the entire community and includes a pollinator garden that was developed in coordination with and sponsored by the Brookfield Zoo. We are always excited for the opportunity to work on public libraries and to bring color and new life to these vital community centers.

Project Details

Architect: Product Architecture + Design

Product: Large Cupped Tile

Material: 304 Stainless Steel

Color/ Finish: LIC Bronze Mill

Photo Credits: Product Architecture + Design / Mcshane Fleming Photography

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